Who We Are

In the Beginning

The year was 2012.

The founding partners were working away in a brokerage, unhappy and confused with the day to day operations they often talked about a “better way” to help clients. With a better understanding of marketing, client care and a history of building a team of happy employees; Freedom Lending was born.


Started with Some Basic Guidelines

Our first guideline

Create a better way to refinance mortgages and offer options to clients rather than a one shot, take it or leave it approach they experienced.

Our second guideline

Create more options for clients. Build a larger lender pool to create more of a “bidding for business” environment offering lower rates, fee’s and truly working for the client and not just hiding behind empty values?

In a Nutshell

When you choose to work with Freedom Lending you know you are working with one of the largest networks, backed by VERICO and with a team of agents dedicated to providing the best possible mortgage options for your family.

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