Rescue Financing

There is no easy way to say it; losing your home is a terrifying situation.

Often you will be told that no one can help you, or you would qualify if you “didn’t have mortgage arrears”.

The truth is when you are in foreclosure banks will not help and many private lenders have strict rules regarding government tax arrears, judgments and the process of losing your home. With Freedom Lending we understand that good people can face some very tough decisions and despite being behind with your current first we can help if you have equity in your home.

Timing is everything when you are losing your home and our unique rescue financing program is designed to move quickly, stop the foreclosure process and keep your family in your home. We have specialized lenders who can look past the current problem and work on a solution understanding that your home is important to you and your family.

When contacting one of our top agents it is important to indicate your situation and have any legal documents outlining legal action.  Typically we can contact the lender or the lenders legal representative to slow down the process or stop it entirely.  If you have equity and are behind in payments, facing foreclosure then you simply contact Freedom Lending directly.

Once we have assessed your situation we can typically issue a pre-approval within a few hours and begin the resuce financing process.  Collecting documents and working with our agent will be critical as we move as quickly as the home owner when saving a home.

Our solutions may only be for a year to two, but each option is designed keep you in your home, get you caught up and pointed in the direction – the direction that keeps your family in the place you call “home”.

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