No Fee Guarantee First Mortgages

That isn’t a misprint. Whether you are refinancing your current first mortgage or working with Freedom Lending on a new first mortgage you may qualify for our No Fee Guarantee program!

Why would you pay broker and service fees just to set up a new mortgage? You shouldn’t have to and with Freedom Lending (and our partnership with VERICO) we make every effort to save you money on your refinance or new first mortgage – which means no unnecessary fees.

Freedom Lending doesn’t march to the beat of just one drum when searching for the very best mortgage products and unlike your current bank we can access many different lending programs that you may qualify for. If you have been told “no” by your own bank, or you’ve heard “yes” but your calls go unanswered, it’s more than likely we can help you obtain the financing you are looking for.

Getting Started:

We will get you started on our “no obligation” application and review your financing needs, ask a few questions and get to work on locating the lowest rates.

Fast track the process with some or all of the following documents:

  1. Current mortgage statement
  2. Proof of income for all borrowers
  3. Property tax statement

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